A J2EE web template using Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Wicket and Bootstrap. Tested on Tomcat and against Postgres DB.

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Open J2EE Web Template

This is a working template project, which show cases a sample multi-tier J2EE web application with Apache Wicket, Spring IoC, JPA/Hibernate integration and a Bootstrap based frontend. It demonstrates MvC, SoC, IoC, DAO, Service layer and Open Session in View patterns and other J2EE best practices.

This template can easily be extended into a fully functional J2EE web application.


This template uses maven and is tested on Tomcat7 against Postgres 9.1 database. In order to deploy it follow the below steps:

  1. Clone this project, git clone git://github.com/kamranzafar/spring-jpa-wicket-bootstrap.git
  2. Create a postgres database
  3. Update pom.xml file and provide database details.
  4. Build the war file with maven, mvn clean compile war:war
  5. Deploy on Tomcat (this will create a "users" table in the database)
  6. Run the users.sql script in src/main/script on the postgres database

After this you can login to the application from the browser using the given username and password.